Becareful What You Say To A Strawberry!

Strawberry Experiment shows the effects thought words, written words and spoken words can have on health and well-being.

My Strawberry Experiment: Smiling and Shriveling!

Two strawberries were given different information in the form of the written word and also in the form of the spoken word.  The effects these different words had on each strawberry is amazing!

In my last blog, dated April 26, 2016 I talked about how people use words, thought, spoken or written, to convey their feelings to themselves and to each other.  I talked about positive words such as Gratitude and Appreciation.  In this Blog we call upon the delightful strawberry fruit to help point the way to open hearts to higher levels of awareness.

On June 12, 2006, I returned home, from New Jersey, after attending the 4th Hado Instructor School and was honored to have trained with Dr. Masaru Emoto and to have been certified by him to be one of his Hado Instructors.  Hado in Japanese means energy.  Dr. Emoto has written several extraordinary books about the ability of water to record our thoughts and intentions.  For more information about Dr. Emoto’s work Click Here  Remember to click on English at the top right of his page.  He shows many images and examples of how our thoughts affect our bodies and our world.  Say loving words to water and it smiles; be angry at water and it shrivels. Since we are mostly made up of water, can you image how our minds and bodies react to the thoughts and words we use?  My Strawberry Experiment gave me some answers to that question.

Full of awe and excitement after I returned home I kept remembering a fellow student talking about how he had applied what Dr. Emoto had talked about to two strawberries.  He selected strawberries because they had a high water content.  By June 22, 2006 I found myself eager and ready to do my own Strawberry Experiment.

  • On June 22,  2006 I selected unwashed, organic, fresh strawberries (from local Health Food Store) of equal size and freshness.
  •  I placed each strawberry in a jar that was of equal size to the other and placed them a few inches apart in an equal environment.  
  •  A label with negative words written on it by me was placed on one jar and a label with positive words written by me was placed on the other jar.
  • Several times each day I spoke the same words that were written on the labels with great feeling and emotion to each strawberry.  
  • The large photo photo image above shows the effects that my written and spoken words had on the strawberries over 10 day span.  

This experiment amazed me and showed me that spoken and written words may imprint into our bodies and minds and affect our well-being. Speak only positive words to yourself and others for a happy, healthy life.

Loved Strawberry on the Left. Hated Strawberry on the Right.
Loved Strawberry on the Left. Hated Strawberry on the Right.

This photo, on the left,  was taken on July 5, 2006 only 3 days after the large image at the top of this page was taken on July 2, 2006.  Strawberries (fresh) originally placed in jar on June 22, 2006.

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Now lets turn our attention to a short meditation for you to get started using more positive words in your interactions with yourself and others.  I will lead you.  Find a quiet place and quiet yourself inside and let us practice approximately 5 minutes of self care.  Practice several times each day and notice a calming and confident effect that forms deep inside you. Okay, let us come together now.  Click below to begin:

If you would like help developing a self-care routine, I can help.  For private sessions in my office or telephone sessions, Call 302-678-1160 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION 15 minute consultation.

Heart Hugs,

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