Intuitive HeartBlog

This is my blog and I will be sharing my feelings, thoughts, knowings, insights and experiences with you about how you may improve your quality of life. Information here may offer you ways to nourish your body, experience optimum health and energy, feel alive and joyful and feel much love and appreciation for your life here on planet Earth.
Inner transformation begins with gradually replacing “negative conditioning” with “positive conditioning”. This can be as simple as choosing to think positive thoughts to replace negative thoughts when they float up, or as profound as receiving healing experiences that form new healthy neural pathways throughout your body. Our bodies are changing, we can choose how we want them to look and feel…..we really do create our reality. It is up to us.
We are all living in a very exciting time, Planet Earth is acclimating to a New Hologram…it is becoming new…..and so are we. A melding of Spirituality and Science is forming. let us embrace the new opportunities presenting themselves and expand and have fun becoming more of who we are.
I look forward to getting to know you dear readers….Welcome!