Becareful What You Say To A Strawberry!

Strawberry Experiment shows the effects thought words, written words and spoken words can have on health and well-being.

My Strawberry Experiment: Smiling and Shriveling!

Two strawberries were given different information in the form of the written word and also in the form of the spoken word.  The effects these different words had on each strawberry is amazing!

In my last blog, dated April 26, 2016 I talked about how people use words, thought, spoken or written, to convey their feelings to themselves and to each other.  I talked about positive words such as Gratitude and Appreciation.  In this Blog we call upon the delightful strawberry fruit to help point the way to open hearts to higher levels of awareness.

On June 12, 2006, I returned home, from New Jersey, after attending the 4th Hado Instructor School and was honored to have trained with Dr. Masaru Emoto and to have been certified by him to be one of his Hado Instructors.  Hado in Japanese means energy.  Dr. Emoto has written several extraordinary books about the ability of water to record our thoughts and intentions.  For more information about Dr. Emoto’s work Click Here  Remember to click on English at the top right of his page.  He shows many images and examples of how our thoughts affect our bodies and our world.  Say loving words to water and it smiles; be angry at water and it shrivels. Since we are mostly made up of water, can you image how our minds and bodies react to the thoughts and words we use?  My Strawberry Experiment gave me some answers to that question.

Full of awe and excitement after I returned home I kept remembering a fellow student talking about how he had applied what Dr. Emoto had talked about to two strawberries.  He selected strawberries because they had a high water content.  By June 22, 2006 I found myself eager and ready to do my own Strawberry Experiment.

  • On June 22,  2006 I selected unwashed, organic, fresh strawberries (from local Health Food Store) of equal size and freshness.
  •  I placed each strawberry in a jar that was of equal size to the other and placed them a few inches apart in an equal environment.  
  •  A label with negative words written on it by me was placed on one jar and a label with positive words written by me was placed on the other jar.
  • Several times each day I spoke the same words that were written on the labels with great feeling and emotion to each strawberry.  
  • The large photo photo image above shows the effects that my written and spoken words had on the strawberries over 10 day span.  

This experiment amazed me and showed me that spoken and written words may imprint into our bodies and minds and affect our well-being. Speak only positive words to yourself and others for a happy, healthy life.

Loved Strawberry on the Left. Hated Strawberry on the Right.
Loved Strawberry on the Left. Hated Strawberry on the Right.

This photo, on the left,  was taken on July 5, 2006 only 3 days after the large image at the top of this page was taken on July 2, 2006.  Strawberries (fresh) originally placed in jar on June 22, 2006.

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Now lets turn our attention to a short meditation for you to get started using more positive words in your interactions with yourself and others.  I will lead you.  Find a quiet place and quiet yourself inside and let us practice approximately 5 minutes of self care.  Practice several times each day and notice a calming and confident effect that forms deep inside you. Okay, let us come together now.  Click below to begin:

If you would like help developing a self-care routine, I can help.  For private sessions in my office or telephone sessions, Call 302-678-1160 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION 15 minute consultation.

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Gratitude with Appreciation

Gratitude is so much more than just feeling thankful for something, it lifts into an action and builds into becoming a state of mind–a state of being that is most helpful during these changing times.

Gratitude and Appreciation-What’s the Difference?

The attitude of Gratitude is a system of thought that is empowered by feelings of appreciation, love, joy and well being.

As I have become more sensitive and appreciate the subtle differences between frequencies I have found myself exploring the “feeling” differences between gratitude and appreciation.  I found that often people use both words to convey their feelings of thankfulness to others.  For example a person may say to another person, “Thank you for the birthday gift you gave me” or they may say, “I really do appreciate the birthday gift you gave me”.  Both convey a feeling of being thankful and possibly valuing.  However, during my research I have found there are subtle differences as the energies of gratitude and appreciation become activated and much to my surprise I have discovered and experienced a deeper, magical energy of gratitude.  So, stay with me as I share what I know.

What is Gratitude?  Well, I cannot fully define or understand it because it is a transcendence energy.  But I can talk about the different components or faces of Gratitude.  In this blog I will name seven of them and can expand further in future blogs.

  1. Thankfulness is often the feeling we feel where Gratitude begins.  Most people have experienced a feeling of thankfulness in their lives, probably many times. They have felt thankful for the things they have and for the loved ones in their lives and for what they give to them. They know how thankfulness feels. However, in order to generate Gratitude we need to appreciate what we are thankful for.  We then feel happiness.
  2. Joy is the second component and it emerges out of happiness.  Happiness is meeting your needs while Joy is lifting beyond your needs to reaching for your preferences.  It’s not about just being happy but letting it lift and become Joy or lift and become happiness again.  The energy within the lift is the Gratitude.  This energy is not static it flows back and forth between happiness and joy.  Appreciate your Joy and appreciate your happiness.
  3. Creativity is the third component.  Feeling creative and putting the feeling into action and responsibly creating your own reality. Being willing to receive not only what you have earned and deserve but also to be willing to received what others create for you. Appreciate it. Be grateful for what comes to you for no reason at all. Use your creativity to add something more to your happiness and Joy.
  4. Love, feeling loved.  Feeling that you are loved.  Not just knowing that you are loved. For many folks it takes a long time to get to the place of feeling they are loved.  Putting that feeling into action of loving.  What then happens here is an interesting spiral that just keeps bringing in the feeling of more love.  That is a component of Gratitude. Feeling loving and being loving and taking the action of loving. Some folks are so caught up in thinking there is some ulterior motive involved that they are unable to accept and feel the love.
  5. Vulnerable, being vulnerable is also one of the faces of Gratitude.  I must admit I felt vulnerable just hearing that piece.  I felt I did not want to feel vulnerable.  However, I now know it is an important piece, being vulnerable to myself and to those I love. Being vulnerable is  becoming aware of where your ego is being most seductive. Learn how to recognize it…your weaknesses and from there you can also become aware of your strengths.  Admitting your strengths is also being vulnerable.  It can set you free, less likely to be manipulated.  It is a choice.  Appreciate feeling vulnerable.
  6. Understanding. Feeling that you understand.  Feel it, like Wow! I get it up here in my head and I get it here in my heart.  I am feeling it.  Your body feels lifted and light and open to something more. You appreciate yourself.  From this feeling of understanding you can then be in a place of  being understanding.  That too is a piece of Gratitude.
  7. Surrender.  The willingness to surrender your sense of separateness from your Thankfulness, from your Joy, from your Creativity, from your Love, from your Vulnerability, and from your Understanding.  Surrendering to the moment.  However, none of these components or faces of Gratitude are Gratitude.  Gratitude is an attitude, a space in the matrix.  From this space in the matrix emerges this thing called Gratitude.  It is an energy and each component radiates an energy that unite to form an exquisite attitude of energy that is greater than it’s parts/components/faces. 
Water Crystal Image that Formed from Feelings of Love and Gratitude being projected into water.
Water Crystal Image that Formed from Feelings of Love and Gratitude being projected into water.

Several years ago I studied with Dr. Masaru Emoto, Author of Hidden Messages of Water.  I was honored to experience and view the studies showing how projecting feelings of Love and Gratitude into water, that was then frozen and photographed, created beautiful images.  I found that by meditating on this image feelings of Love and Gratitude were then then radiated out and I experienced feelings of well-being along with greater feelings of Love and Gratitude for myself and others. Much Love and Gratitude to Dr. Masaru Emoto for Certifying me and selecting me to be one of his Hado Instructors.  (Hado is Japanese for energy)

Okay, are you ready? ……. for an exercise, ready to experience more Gratitude and Appreciation in your life.  Take a moment or two to quiet yourself and find a comfortable space somewhere in the environment of where you are and begin gently and slowly breathing in and out through your chest area.  Now click on my picture and join me as I guide you to gather the components of Gratitude, to lift your feelings of Thankfulness, Joy, Creativity, Love, Vulnerability, Understanding and Surrender and allowing your precious feelings to blend together, to lift into something more that is greater than the some of their parts. That something greater is the attitude of Gratitude.  Very powerful and effective in improving all areas of your life, your health and well-being.  Appreciate yourself as well as others. We are ready……

Gratitude with Appreciation Meditation

Did you know that when you feel, sincere feelings of Gratitude your brain produces dopamine and serotonin which are the feel good or bliss chemicals.  These neurotransmitters then travel along your neural pathways to the center of your brain and you feel good in a similar way to antidepressants.  Measuring someone’s Gratitude is quite possibly with today’s cutting edge science and technology.  So, how exactly do you do that?  Click Here

Learn a new, easy and natural way to manage your stress and bring more feelings of Thankfulness, Joy, Creativity and Love into your life.

Call me now at 302-678-1160 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION 15 minute consultation.  Share with me, tell me about your challenges and concerns.  As I listen I will offer you information about my programs and tools that can change your life.

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Much Gratitude with Appreciation to my mentor Lazaris of Concept Synergy for his Love and Wise Insights

Trauma: Healing and Thriving

When someone changes, or self-regulates their emotions, there is a corresponding shift in their heart-rhythm. This shift in turn facilitates high cognitive functions and creates emotional stability and calm. Over time a new baseline of inner reference is established. This baseline is important because it replaces the internal baseline reference in which memory of traumatic events get activated over and over.

  Dancing with your Heart and Waltzing with your Trauma

I often hear people say, “I don’t care what they call it, I just want to feel better.”

Through my own experience and observing others I have come to know that human beings are easily traumatized. I have heard trauma referred to as “small t” trauma and “big T” trauma.


“Small t” traumas are the everyday experiences and perceptions of those experiences that lead to a feeling of overwhelming amounts of stress.  These “stressful events” tend to pile up and create more stress and overwhelm that has a long lasting, negative effect on a person. With proper attention small traumas can be integrated and peace and harmony restored.

“Large T” traumas such as PTSD are more difficult.  The traumatic event often results in a devastating intrusion into a desired life of peace and calm and often results in a fragmented sense of life in general.  The memory of the experience is stored in the body, the memory inhabits the body.  Inroads into some trauma experiences are now being made with a gentle approach of learning to self-regulate emotions.  Trauma happens but it does not have to define us or overcome us.

Partnering up with our Heart’s Intelligence

How can self-regulating one’s emotions begin to help folks whose lives have been limited by traumatic experiences, big and small?

 HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty, Ph.D and researcher Maria A. Zayas in their article, Cardiac Coherence, Self-Regulation, Automomic Stability, and Psychosocial Well-Being explain, that it is important to understand that when someone changes, or self-regulates his emotions, there is a corresponding shift in heart rhythm. “This shift in the heart rhythm,” they write, “in turn plays an important role in facilitating higher cognitive functions, creating emotional stability and facilitates states of calm.  Over time, this establishes a new inner-baseline reference, a type of implicit memory that organizes perception, feelings and behavior”.

The first step involves increasing awareness by using a breathing technique that helps us come to recognize our triggers, reactions and our underlying emotions of fear, negative projections, insecurities, worry and so forth.

The next step is learning how to consciously self-regulate and replace the uncomfortable feelings with more neutral or positive attitudes and perceptions.  For example feelings of joy, appreciations, compassion, love, hope and more.

From here we learn to dance with the breathe of our body and the intuition of our heart. As we inhale and exhale, we learn to listen to and feel through our hearts on our way to wellness.

Through research we now know a great deal about the intelligent heart.  Below are a few of the new things we know:

  • The heart sends us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives.
  • The heart directs and aligns many systems in the body so they can function in harmony with each other.
  • The heart has its own independent, complex nervous system know as “the brain in the heart.”
  • The heart’s independent brain and nervous system relay information to and from the brain in the cranium–a two-way communication system between heart and brain.
  • Human beings form an emotional brain long before a rational one, and a beating heart before either.

Let us begin with a simple technique that help you to shift to a more coherent heart rhythm. Let’s get the rhythm.  Let’s dance!

HeartMath Provide Slide 7
Upper red chart shows the chaotic heart rhythm of frustration. Lower charts shows a smoother, more coherent heart rhythm of appreciation.

Heart Focused Breathing

  1. Focus your attention on the area around your heart.
  2. Image your breath coming in and out of the heart area or center of your heart.

Anytime you feel your emotions begin to amp up, take time out and practice these two steps.

I can help you get started listen and breathe with me.


Call me now at 302-678-1160 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION 15 minute consultation.  You can tell me about what is happening in your life, your concerns and challenges.   As I listen I offer you information that can help you ease your stresses, open your heart and become more comfortable inside yourself.

Let’s dance together with our heart’s intelligence and listen to the gentle whispers of guidance and thrive…..

Heart Hugs,

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Discovering Your Intuitive Heart


IMG_0383There are divine, vibrational, energy levels deep within our hearts that embrace our spirit and souls. These electrodynamic fields, biofields and pulsed wave patterns influence our bodies and define health and illness. Health occurs when our body experiences a coherent (synchronized) state of balanced electromagnetic energy flow and disease is experienced when imbalance occurs in these subtle energy fields that permeate our body.
Intuitive HeartBlog will offer you information, effective tools, proven science, spiritual insights, practices, techniques, practical tips, and adventures that you can have fun with as you learn to open your heart and discover your deeper love that lovingly bursts forth with a powerful, transcending, healing force.
You too can engage your:

  • Creativity
  • Optimum Health
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Vitality
  • Intuition
  • Appreciative
  • Compassionate
  • Kindness
  • Life Fulfillment
  • Ability to Transform Negative Feelings into Positive Feelings.

“The practical tools, techniques and technologies help me maintain peace and harmony during these trying times.”……… lgk, Sudlersville, MD

” The Voyage to Heart intelligence Program has been a life changing experience for me. I have reduced stress, improved my health and have more patience.” ….. SB, Dover, DE

“June’s coaching has helped me establish coherence and reduce the static created by my mind. I am now living a more heart-centered life.” …. PBS, Rehoboth Beach, DE

My name is June Schamp and my passion as a healer is to help you live your life comfortably through the changes that are happening in our world today, to help you integrate new levels of awareness and perceptions that you are likely to experience with these changes. In other words you are becoming new and it can be a bit scary and disorienting at times. You may wonder what is happening to you, you may sometimes feel overwhelming emotions that are disturbing and energy draining, or you may become very stressed and even ill.
Information in this Blog may help you manage your emotions, connect more with your spirit and discover your talents, personal purpose and life purpose, resulting in a happier, healthier more fulfilled life.
I have experienced over 25 years exploring and experiencing different modalities, treatments and adventures as a seeker…. of discovering the deeper me, getting to know my higher self, who I have affectionately named Jira and welcoming the spiritual insights and wisdom that he/she has shared with me.

I look forward to getting to know you all.







Intuitive HeartBlog

This is my blog and I will be sharing my feelings, thoughts, knowings, insights and experiences with you about how you may improve your quality of life. Information here may offer you ways to nourish your body, experience optimum health and energy, feel alive and joyful and feel much love and appreciation for your life here on planet Earth.
Inner transformation begins with gradually replacing “negative conditioning” with “positive conditioning”. This can be as simple as choosing to think positive thoughts to replace negative thoughts when they float up, or as profound as receiving healing experiences that form new healthy neural pathways throughout your body. Our bodies are changing, we can choose how we want them to look and feel…..we really do create our reality. It is up to us.
We are all living in a very exciting time, Planet Earth is acclimating to a New Hologram…it is becoming new…..and so are we. A melding of Spirituality and Science is forming. let us embrace the new opportunities presenting themselves and expand and have fun becoming more of who we are.
I look forward to getting to know you dear readers….Welcome!